(Right) Practice Makes (Near) Perfect

Have you heard of the saying “Practice makes perfect”?  I don’t agree with this saying.  It needs to be modified to say “Right Practice makes (near) Perfect.”  If you do the homework just to do the homework or practice a sport improperly, most likely you will perform poorly on your exam or game.

After going to school for years, here’s my advice for you students out there: be an active learner.  To be an active learner, take an active part in the learning process by dissecting and actually understanding what is it you’re learning.  For example, recognize patterns, differences, and exceptions.  Most importantly, understand the big concept (aka big picture) of what you’re learning!

Even with practice, nobody’s perfect.  That is why I inserted the word near within parentheses.  You may score a 100% or you may not.  With right practice, you will minimize the number of errors made on an exam.


If any of you readers have any school-related or life-related questions, please let me know!

Until next time, make good choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

Catherine D.


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