I am a Nobody

Dear Readers,

If you can’t talk, then you can’t get anywhere in life.  You’re a nobody.

That was a paraphrase of what a family member said to me.

The truth stings.  Yup, I am a nobody.   I got my first rejection post-interview after sending a follow up email.  It’s easier to blame outside factors such as admitting I was pursuing a residency (and thus making them my second choice) or not receiving a good recommendation from a past preceptor.  The truth was I didn’t do that well in the interview.  I should have gone into the interview more confident and polished with what I was going to say.  Every question I asked, she said it’s about communication.  I should have taken that as a hint.  I didn’t communicate well throughout most of the interview, and I was not going to be offered a job.

After this interview, I had an interview with a different company.  I felt good about it.  My answers to their questions were polished.  I haven’t heard back though, so I don’t know. Maybe my examples weren’t that good?  Maybe where I want to work had no openings?

Finally, I had my residency interview.  It consisted of a clinical and a nonclinical interview.  I might have missed some stuff or there might have been a better recommendation.  For the most part, I felt I did well on the clinical interview. I showcased the depth of my knowledge.  The nonclinical interview was tough.  I don’t like talking about myself and exposing my weaknesses.

The truth is I don’t have a clear picture of who I am and what I want to do.  I know that I need experience and know more to accomplish more.

What have you all been up to?  Any good or bad news?  If you would like to share, please comment!

If any of you readers have any school-related or life-related questions, please let me know!

Until next time, make good choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

Catherine D


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