I caved

Dear Readers,

I know I said I’m not going to text him again.  I can’t help it.  I’m weak.  I caved.  I think I saw him again. Why are some guys so weird?  Not sure why he hastened his walk.  Did he see me and wanted to avoid me? or he just didn’t like all the attention and wanted to retreat back to his seat.  I’m weird too I guess. After the event was over, I did the same exact thing and quickly left the building.  I didn’t want to meet eye to eye and make either of us uncomfortable.  After I got back to my apartment, I texted him that I think I saw him.  He hasn’t returned my text and confirmed it was him.  It’s not abnormal for him to take this long to get back to me. If I had a question, he usually returns my text the night of or night after (one time).  I’m pathetic for eagerly waiting for his text. I should just move on.  I’m tired of our missed encounters and texting him.  We can’t meet face to face and just talk.  What do you all think I should do?

I’m still figuring out what I am going to do post-grad now that plan A didn’t work out. This past weekend I sent a follow up email, reached out to the district manager, and browsed the web for jobs.  I sort of have a plan Z. I say sort of, because it’s not in writing. I say plan Z, because it’s my last choice. It’s so exhausting to have multiple plans.

If any of you readers have any school-related or life-related questions, please let me know!

Until next time, make good choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

Catherine D


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