First Impressions

Dear Readers, When I came back to the desk, the guy I was paired with was gone.  I saw a post-it note on the computer monitor.  It had his name and phone number with a note to text him my number.  We are partners, so I didn’t interpreted more than it is–to let me know […]

I am a Nobody

Dear Readers, If you can’t talk, then you can’t get anywhere in life.  You’re a nobody. That was a paraphrase of what a family member said to me. The truth stings.  Yup, I am a nobody.   I got my first rejection post-interview after sending a follow up email.  It’s easier to blame outside factors […]

Building Rapport

Dear Readers, I hope you all have been doing well.  I am working (well, actually I’m interning) full time.  If you all are still wondering, yes, my feet still hurt the end of the day.  Other than the weekends and evening hours, I do not have much free time.  Nevertheless, I am learning a lot, […]